Qingdao Sanmeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., was founded in 2002, and located in Qingdao Jiaonan Haibin Industrial Zone since 2015.


Sanmeng is a leading supplier of the highest quality and performance medical products. To satisfy different design requirements, we produce these products in our 100k cleanrooms through ISO 13485 and FDA-certified equipment.


Because of our experienced team and advanced equipment, Sanmeng has become an ideal partner for high-demand and high-performance products in the automotive industry. Our engineering teams will work with you to understand the performance requirements and provide suitable plans. Whether you require advanced gaskets with complex geometry, multi-material, reinforced elastomer extrusions, or integrated molding solutions, Sanmeng can help you with all youasdsadasdasdr needs in the automotive field.

Aerospace and Military

We have various kinds of rubber seals used in the aerospace area like on aircraft (Boeing 777) for sealing. Military is another important area that we are focusing on.  Rubber products that we have like rubber pads, rubber isolators, and rubber sleeves are often used in that field.

Industry and Household

Sanmeng produces industrial and household products including various components like gaskets, seals, custom molded shapes, and parts in a wide range of materials like plastics, synthetic elastomers, and high-performance composites. Actively cooperating with customers to develop new products and improve the design and performance of existing products is what we pursue.


Qingdao Sanmeng Rubber & Plastic Co.,Ltd , was founded in 2002, located in  Qingdao Jiaonan Haibin Industial Zone in 2015. As an certified rubber manufacturer,we have the certification of ISO13485,TS16949, RoHS,FDA,SGS,UL and so on.Seeking"First quality and first service efficiency" as our business purpose.


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